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James Schaller Endorses MD and Haitian Expert on Effective Use of Recovery and Development Money

The chairman of Community Mission for Hope, Dr. Pierre Raymond, is seeking to train Haitian workers. He comes from a highly respected family line in Haiti and as such, speaks both of the Haitian national languages, Creole and French. He speaks to the real needs of his people, including the poorest of the island.

Dr. Pierre has a deep understanding of the Haitian people and of their complex culture. He is a superior, caring and humble physician. Dr. Pierre is actively offering hope by sharing both the love of God and reversing Haiti’s past poorly directed development. He understands the errors of past Haitian leaders and that the people can only recover by healing “the heart,” short sighted “solutions,” and by building real skills to end dependency. This grant offers solid skill-development and training that is described in detail for those looking to lend support to this mission.

The profoundly talented team of the Community Mission for Hope (CMH) are careful, well-trained, passionate veterans who want to create lasting change in Haiti. They are not looking for simply a brief association or temporary reform.

I am exceedingly confident that in the coming decade, they offer the best possible solutions in the future of a new Haiti. Every idea is birthed with a profound understanding of the nuances of Haitian culture and society, and with awareness of past lessons.

The CMH leadership team understands what is needed, both inside and outside of Haiti, to have a successful impact. They know that faith will inspire a passion for knowledge in a training program, and that the program also has to be uniquely tailored to respect the needs and culture of the Haitian people in order to succeed. This fusion is very rare, but available in the grant before you.

James L. Schaller, MD, MAR
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