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Psycholigocal and Neurological Basis of Active Lyme Disease

Brief orientation: I offer this because Lyme is profoundly under-diagnosed, even as the CDC admits it is the most common vector borne illness in the USA. Miscellaneous bugs found on Florida beaches and our woods have Lyme. Even the CDC reports our flowerbeds have some mulch made in the Northeastern USA and containing tiny pinhead sized deer tics with Lyme. It is also in the woods, grasslands and suburbs of approximately 49 states.

Treatment must last, in the opinion of those with thousands of patients, at least 2 months past complete loss of all symptoms.

Lyme is in the brain, heart and eyes in 10 days or less. You likely know people who have it right now�in your family, down the street or in your church. It is related to syphilis but 20x more resistant to antibiotics and our immune defenses. Routine blood testing is junk and misses at least 9/10. Any lab testing must be done by IGENEX (IgeneX.com), and not the routine massive lab machines used by most physicians. Some of those I worried about in past years, who made light of the comments above, have now experienced strokes, heart attacks, false MS, learning difficulties, fatigue, addictions, divorce, arthritis and a host of other issues in themselves and their loved ones. Lyme has now been called "the Great Imposter" because it can appear as any illness.

Signs and symptoms listed below are signs of incomplete and fairly early treatment.

For further information, I offer 300 pages of material -- go to Lyme Disease Section on this site.

Briefly, diagnosis is tricky since Lyme can appear as every psychiatric, psychological, learning problem, neurological illness or medical illness.

The good news is that physicians are starting to become aware of this common illness, usually by getting it themselves as I did, and/or by having relatives contract it. The majority of the prolific and respected Lyme physicians in the USA are individuals who had the infection themselves or had a loved one contract it. Most of my extended family, friends and many associates have contracted it. While fully treatable, it is fatal in some children and adults if left untreated for too long.

Therefore, many Lyme literate physicians across the USA are trying to increase awareness so that patients can be diagnosed by their first physician, not the 5th or 15th as is common now.

Note: I would like to thank the physician who supplied some of these materials listed. And I regret I cannot offer a link to his or her site since I have long since forgotten my source for some of these listed symptoms and signs.

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